• Hosted Exchange 2010 - 2013

    Corporate Class Email at Small Business Prices, you won't need IT Resources in order to deploy your full custom email platform, Grupo Facil will do that for you and even the upgrades are here for free. Contact us for more information. Read More
  • Professional Web Hosting

    Is your company planning to launch a website?, you just came to the right place, our professional web hosting is able to provide you the right tools to improve your business and bring you full visibility on the internet. Contact us if you require more information about this service. Read More
  • IT Management Services Available

    provides Outsourced Managed IT Services for a flat monthly fee which allows clients to fix their costs and budget accordingly. With each new client Grupo Facil takes on, it is feasible for us to operate at a loss for the initial months as it will drive us to create a more efficient system for the future. Read More
  • SMB Streaming Plans to get Amazed!

    Are you a DJ or a Radio Station? Need to stream your music or radio?, check our streaming plans and let your public find you worldwide, expand your business and your music to any place! Contact us if more information is required. Read More
  • Your All-inclusive Phone System

    Technology is taking a lot of advantages today and systems now came with all-inclusive model, so we have created the perfect solution for you, you can be located at any place in the world. Read More
  • From your Desktop or Laptop to The Cloud!

    An affordable way to backup your data, access your files online from everywhere, unlimited bandwidth, share your files with friends and family, listen to your music, works with all Windows and Mac PCs, if you need more information Contact Us! Read More
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  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Servers
  • Data Backup
  • Special Services

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting Service is a hundred percent original platform with an impressive range of support and reliability, you can host from ecommerce solutions, blogs, corporate websites and others it's easy to understand just contact us for more information.


From 10TB HDD, unlimited bandwidth, email, MySQL databases, Softacolous and much more....


From 30TB HDD, unlimited bandwidth, email, MySQL databases, Softacolous and much more....


From 50TB HDD, unlimited bandwidth, email, MySQL databases, Softacolous and much more....


Unlimited HDD, unlimited bandwidth, email, MySQL databases, Softacolous and much more....

Performance is our Goal

Our solutions delivers the best performance for you, you can move fast with 100% SSD and our 10Gb Ethernet even you can also customize your hardware to help you meet your performance, security & compliance needs we also can deliver storage on-demand.

Basic Cloud

From 25GB HDD, unlimited bandwidth, Linux OS, 1 IP Address, 1 vCPU, 1GB vRAM and much more....


From 25GB HDD, unlimited bandwidth, Linux OS, 1 IP Address, 1 vCPU, 2GB vRAM and much more....

Dynamic VPS

From 50GB HDD, unlimited bandwidth, Linux OS, 1 IP Address, 1 vCPU, 4GB vRAM and much more....

Ultra VPS

From 150GB HDD, Unlimited Bandwidth, Linux OS, 10 IP Address, 1 vCPU, 8GB vRAM and much more....

Unlimited Backup Online

Protect instantly all your data, music, documents, photos, business sensible data. Works on PC and Mac - Contact us for Free a Trial.


Automatic Backup, From 512GB to Unlimited Space, Fast & Secure. See your backed up files on the web, iPhone, Ipad & Android.


Sync files online and work on the same on your PC and Mac, Share with everyone, from 512Gb of cloud storage as standard. Faster & Secure. Easy to share files and access everything from the web, ideal for collaboration teams or design teams.

Pro Suite

Backup & Briefcase in one integrated service, you will never receive a better solution for your collaboration needs, sync files between computers, automatic backup, get advanced features like FTP and Webdav, all you need in one solution.


Backup automatically. Share like a Pro, make collaboration easy, work from home, work on the road. The best way to manage all your business content online and the best of all is easy to setup and easy to use, ideal for pro and small business.

Even More Than You Think, Builded to Perform

We try to have more than usual services and that's why Grupo Facil has a dedicated team to develop new ways to help you improve your business, so you can have more options, greater flexibility and total control, that's why we want to fit your needs because if you are going to build the future we want to be there with you!

Web Design

A dedicated team to build your image, build what your business needs to improve sales, to reach markets that your business has failed to reach.

Graphic Design

Need a refresh? or a new design? you will try a new way of fulfill your design needs and get extraordinary results that are on target and the best of all On time and within your budget.

Dedicated Servers

Fully customize your bare metal server, include SSD hard drives, the RAM you need, quad proc, quad-core, and much more.

IT Management

We provide outsourced managed IT Services for a flat monthly fee, we focus all our tools to monitor your network, business workstations, servers and much more.

Datacenter Tour

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  • Mobile Friendly

    Quick, Easy & Friendly

    The way that we deliver our services and the way to bring you support it's because we want that you have peace of mind, Quick, Friendly & Easy.

    Read More
  • 1st Class Bandwidth

    The Best Bandwidth

    Grupo Facil has worked hard to deliver a 1st class bandwidth to all our customers because we love speed and stability as you do.

    Read More
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What People Are Saying About Us

  • Customer for over six years, find that Grupo Facil provides quality service and expertise we are very happy. David FerreroCTO of 100 M Franchise
  • The IT support service provided by Grupo Facil is Amazing. it relieves me of the responsibility of system maintenance. Vito SolloCEO of Forlong
  • Our relationship over the past 4 years, has been Awesome. We love the service, i highly recommend Grupo Facil Ciro SotomayorCEO of MDCPA
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